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Put the wire cable on machine, machine can fulfill winding and binding in several seconds automatically. 
Suitable for many kinds of cables and binding style. Single-end, double-ends, 8 shape, circle shape. AC power cord, DC power cord, video line, HDMI cable, USB cable and so on

1.The system provide Chinese/English free switch 7inch imported touch screen operation. Setting the data as clients required, easy operate.                      
2.Full Auto and fast binding by Step on foot switch.            
3.Save labor cost and improved output.            
4.Adopted PLC program control , 7 inch touch screen for setting parameters.            
5.Provide personalized customization base on different requirements.            
6.Wire length(Head length, Tail length, Total binding length),coil number,speed,quantity can be set.   





Full Automatic Winding and Binding Machine