Desktop-style with assembly line

Adjustable orbit 

Simple and compact design 

three tips soldering robot
share laser marking machine

Soldering Machine with customized requirement

robotic soldering robot

Soldering Machine With Assemly line

Soldering Machine Application

3C electronic products, LED ball lamp, lamp belt,remote control, switch, speaker 

Aerospace products, pcba, RJ45, HDMI 

Automotive electronic,navigator, sensor, ignition switch 

New energy, charging pile, photovotaic invertor, photovotaic optimizer

Support build in assembly line

Flexible for different line


dual-tip soldering robot
CCD soldering robot
soldering robot with sensor

Soldering machine with automatic

assemble line

Support outside feeder line

Realized unattended

Working area: 500*350*100mm

5 axle, X/Y1/Y2/Z: 800mm/s

Dual-working stations
Wireless remote keyboard
USB*2, LAN*1

laser engraving machine




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Working area: 350*350*100mm

4 axle, X/Y/Z: 800mm/s

12inch touch display

Wireless remote keyboard

USB*2, LAN*1

soldering robot with desk-top
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floor soldering robot
automatic usb soldering machine


customized automatic soldering robot

Professional Solution