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Pulse Pressing Soldering Machine

soldering machine for cable/hdmi/fpc/precision cable

Dual-side soldering

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Type C connector, HDMI cable, iphone connector, dual-side soldering to pcb, dual side connector cable,USB, MINI DP, medical cable

automatic usb soldering machine
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Pulse heating is an instantaneous heating method. Heating is performed only when the solder is desired to be melted.
Electric current is applied to the iron to generate heat by resistance and the solder is melted. When the solder has melted, the current will be stopped and the solder is cooled. And when the solder has hardened, the heater tip is raised.

High Frequency Soldering

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HDMI, USB 3.0, DP, RGB, DVI, DMS, SATA high digital cable

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soldering machine for cable/hdmi/fpc/precision cable

High Precision Soldering for Single side product

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FPC/FFC/TAB/LCD/TAB/ACF/TCP to PCB bonding,SAS cable, mini SAS cable, flat cable, medical cable, LVDS cable, micro usb B cable, usb 3.0 cable, iphone lightning cable,micro Coaxial Cable, high speed cable, ribbon wire cable,SFP+, QSFP, QSFP+ cable and so on.

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