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Solder operation is easy to operation, high speed and high efficiency, safe and practical, welding time is short, only 0.6 seconds to complete a plug welding (welding time 0.3 seconds, cooling time 0.3 seconds) greatly improve the welding operation, solder uniform and beautiful.

The welding temperature, welding time, cooling time, welding quantity can be adjusted base on cable.
One machine can be soldering many kinds of cable, only need to changed the plug fixture and the soldering knife is ok.

Soldering knife drive cylinder used Japan SMC high sensitivity cylinder, can be completed soldering under a very low pressure, protect the soldering knife lift effectively.
The plug fixture with quick-acting regulator, convenient for clients to adjusted/align the soldering position and change the fixture. Easy to changed the soldering fixture, can be finished in three minutes.

 Adopt light sense switch to soldering automatically, high production efficiency.

Small appearance design, easy to move position on assembly line.





Especial for HDMI, USB 3.0, DP, RGB,DVI, DMS,SATA high digital cable soldering.
Adopt original Japan Mitsubishi big power pulse tube.

Realized for metal contact-less welding , will not heating damage for the plastic parts of non-metallic parts.


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