Professional Solution

USB Soldering Machine

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  • High definition CCD for alignment position
  • High quality titanium alloy indentor
  • Japan precision temperature control
  • HD amplify disply 
  • High precision temperature control
  • 8 Section temperature adjustable
  • Temperature monitoring

Sinrad provides products for soldering automation, including soldering robot, spot soldering machine, press soldering machine, and full automatic usb cable soldering machine. Professional soldering solution base on products with stable operation design.

Pulse Soldering Machine





Intelligent Soldering Machine

laser engraving machine
  • Full automatic solder feeder and connector feeder
  • High efficiency 
  • English operation system
  • Reduce production cost.
  • Press soldering for data cable 
  • Thermostatic control


automatic usb soldering machine


  • Automatic solder feeder
  • 4 Axles (5 axle)
  • Window 7 English operation system
  • Self-developed software fool-style programming
  • 12'' full touch screen with wireless controller
  • Automatic cleaning of soldering iron
  • 400W/600W high power strong heat recovery heater
  • Temperature monitoring


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