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Technical Index     

Axle:6 axis robotic arm

Cycling time:0.38s

Max running speed:720mm/s

Repeat Accuracy:±0.03mm

loading weight: 1~3Kg

Program recording capability: unlimited

Installation: desktop, hoisting, hang

Arm extension length: 650mm

Motor power: 1100W

Origin return: available

User power:9 pin-D-SUB simulator connector

User air:OD 4MM*4

Installation environment: ISO2 cleaning degree

air pressure: 4bar , clean and dry

Communication Port: Ethernet

weight: 26kg

Security standard: UL, CE


1. Light and fast: compact structure. Equipment using lightweight devices, high-power micro-motor, high-speed compact gear reducer.

2. Ultra-high precision: six-axis industrial robots using high-quality, high-performance harmonic reducer, so that in the running of repeated positioning, to ensure accuracy.

3. Good sealing: the shaft is completely sealed, suitable for use in dust, oil, harmful gas and other high sealing requirements of the harsh environment.

4. Easy maintenance: for the maintenance of convenience, the use of self-lubricating bearings, extended maintenance cycle. Line body with five safety protection, to extend the service life.

5. Superior scalability: Program interface reservation, hardware interface is complete, to provide the basis for the follow-up personalized upgrade.

6. A full experience and solid theoretical basis: a strong domestic and international technical team, a solid theoretical basis, 35 patent support, CAD, CAE, CAM whole process research and development inverse differential kinematics analysis, combined with CAE results, Structural design. Fast recursive algorithm, decentralized feedforward compensation technique, and improved system control robustness.​ 

Support to design different function on arm.

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